The Way to Find Love is to Be Lovable

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The Way to Find Love is to Be Lovable

Finding love involves a kind of magic. No, we're not talking about burning a black candle over a copy of your personals ad. The magic is building up that "certain something" that will get you noticed.
Some of this, of course, is the kind of relationship advice you've read before to find love: take care of your personal hygiene, wear attractive and flattering clothes, choose an appealing photo for your online profile. But if you haven't done the magic part, most of your new relationships won't go far.
So what's the secret to finding love? Happiness. People are drawn to those who are happy and confident. Instead of spending your evenings browsing the personals, build the kind of life you've always wanted.

Don't wait to meet the right woman or man to take up painting or traveling or fly fishing, if those things will make you happy. Set some new goals -- earning a master's, running a marathon, learning to cook -- and work toward achieving them. If you need help getting past old hurts and becoming someone who can truly love another, find a counselor. One of the greatest pieces of is to find true love, be someone who's lovable, happy, and confident.



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