Stop Deception Before It Starts

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How can I stop a cheating spouse/partner before the affair begins?

Stop Deception Before It Starts

Why do people feel the need to deceive their partner in a relationship? Deception is too easy. Lying and cheating is common in marriage and happens with little regard or thoughts of the other partner. The age-old question women have is why do men cheat? Make no mistake; men are cheating with women so women cheat too. Some of the basic reasons men cheat are boredom, they do not respect their partner, the relationship has no communication and because they just do. What can you do to stop your spouse before the deception begins?

- Change things up in the bedroom. If you are doing the same things repeatedly, some of the mystery is bound to leave. Mix it up and get creative.

- Talk things over. Pay attention to details and realize you aren't the same. If you aren't on the same level of commitment, that's ok. Nothing good comes from a lopsided relationship.

- Looks aren't everything, but keep this in mind. Stay healthy and fit and care enough about yourself to care for your spouse.

We teach people how to treat us so be faithful and do not lie to your spouse. Be honest about your relationship so confrontation and deception are never part of your life.



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