Infidelity Frequently Asked Questions

Should I tell the whole truth?

How do we heal from a dishonest situation?

Is Honesty the Best Policy?

How do I promote a more honest relationship?

Is honesty always the best policy?

Do I have to say Iīm sorry?

Can I be attracted to someone other than my partner?

How can I become a better listener?

How does revealing the truth help me?

What if my current partner isnīt as good as previous ones?

Should I talk about past lovers?

How do I reveal my whole self to my partner?

How can I set the scene for a honest discussion?

How would keeping a journal help with communication?

How honest should I be in public?

Is honesty sometimes painful?

Should I tell what I know?

How do I diffuse an angry, honest situation?

How do I teach my child about honesty?

Should I tell my child about santa?

Should I try to avoid all conflict in my relationship?

What are some of the signs of toxic conflict?

How can I begin a conversation about what's bothering me?

How can we respect one another even when we're angry?

What are some signs my relationship is in trouble?

What are some of the underlying issues in couples' conflicts?

I've done something that will make my partner angry. Should I confess?

I don't think we're ever going to agree on certain things. Are we doomed?

My partner doesn't keep promises. What can I do?

We're having a lot of trouble hearing each other. Is there something we can do to have a productive discussion?

I think my partner may be lying to me. What should I do?

Why would my partner lie to me?

I've caught my partner in a lie. Now what?

My partner caught me cheating. What can I do to make it up?

We've decided to stay together despite the affair. Can this work?

How much honesty do I owe my partner?

How can we work together to stop lying and cheating?

Why do I have to make changes just because my partner lied?

I am so angry at my partner! I don't want to hurt anyone. What can I do?

We've lost trust in one another. How can we rebuild it?

What's the difference between love and lust?

My partner acts jealous and says it's love. Is it?

How can I break out of this "dry spell"?

Is it love or infatuation?

What's the difference between love and friendship?

If I love someone, should I treat him or her as an equal?

How do healthy couples make decisions?

Should I tell my partner what I'm feeling?

How much should I give to my partner?

How does a relationship fit into my life as a whole?

Where does jealousy come from?

What counts as cheating?

How much privacy should partners in a relationship have?

When is self-deception bad for a relationship?

What are some signs of unhealthy jealousy?

All I did was ask a question! Why is he/she so mad?

What if my partner really is cheating?

What's the best way to deal with a jealous partner?

I know there's no reason for it, but I can't help being jealous! What can I do?

Do partners in healthy relationships ask questions?

Where can I find the best relationship advice?

Are dating services really a good option?

Is there anything wrong with being single?

As a single parent, what's the best way to reenter the relationship/dating world?

Now that I'm dating again, how can I help my kids accept my new relationship?

Can you give me some guidelines for remaining calm when I get anxious about a relationship?

What are some good calming techniques to try when I'm upset or anxious in my relationship?

How can I stop a cheating spouse/partner before the affair begins?

What is jealousy?

How can I stop myself from being jealous of my partner?

What is meant by 'self deception'?

What are some tell-tale signs that my spouse is cheating?

Is it ok to be suspicious of my partner? What do I do about it?

I'm so envious of my friends in relationships - is this normal?

I'm not a jealous person, but I find myself feeling jealous of my partner in our relationship. Why?

What are some immediate questions I should ask myself before confronting a possible cheating partner?

What can I do to try to save my marriage from a divorce in an infidelity situation?

I think my wife is cheating - how can I be sure?

I don't want to end our marriage, but I want my husband to remain faithful. What can I do?

Is it love or control?

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