Unresolvable Conflicts

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I don't think we're ever going to agree on certain things. Are we doomed?

Unresolvable Conflicts

Roy likes to hang out with family. Sheila would rather stay home. She'd like to have sex every day, while once a week is fine with him. He's an observant Christian, while she was raised Jewish and doesn't think religion is important.

Are they destined for divorce court? Not necessarily. Researchers who've observed happy, long-lasting couples have found that they don't necessarily agree on everything or solve every problem. Rather, they accept that some conflicts will never be fully resolved, and maintain their perspective in an atmosphere of fondness and appreciation.

Sheila may wish Roy were in bed with her on Sunday mornings, but she respects his need to worship in his own way. Roy may decide not to go to every family gathering, and only ask Sheila to attend the ones that are very important to him.



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