Suspicious Minds

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I think my partner may be lying to me. What should I do?

Suspicious Minds

Is your partner being honest? One way to find out, of course, is to ask. But before you jump into a confrontation or snoop around to catch a liar, it's a good idea to find out where you stand.

First, look within. Are you dealing with stress and anxiety, because of issues in or outside of your relationship? Have you been betrayed in the past? Sometimes, people who are anxious or insecure may take out those feelings on a partner, snooping and spying rather than solving the real problem -- particularly if something about the current situation reminds them of bad events in the past.



2/9/2012 9:08:56 AM
Flower said:

But when I ask he jumps down my throat, starts a fight an threatens to leave? So how do you ask? If I go snooping with no intention and confront him, he starts a fight so how do I know. There's been a few times where I caught him hiding things from me. But ask and he starts a major fight about it?


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