Love vs. Lust

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What's the difference between love and lust?

Love vs. Lust

Love is the foundation of families and stable societies. Lust is a physical emotion that we act upon in the "heat of the moment." Yet few among us would fall in love with someone who didn't turn us on, and that can lead to problems when one or both of you gets mixed up about the difference between love and lust.
-- If you only want to be with this person to have sex, it's lust.
-- If you try to describe your date to a friend and can only talk about physical appearance and body parts, that's lust.
-- If you don't call or converse with this person except when you want physical pleasure, that's lust.
-- If you lie to someone in order to get into bed with him or her, that's lust.
-- And, naturally, if your partner does any of these things to you, that's lust too.

It's possible for an affair based purely on lust to develop into a healthy relationship based on love, but it doesn't happen all that often. You may be better off spending your time with someone who sees and appreciates you with clothes on.



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