Love vs. Infatuation

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Is it love or infatuation?

Love vs. Infatuation

It's normal to be full of joy in the early stages of a relationship. You walk with a spring in your step, often with a goofy smile.
There's a danger of mixing up love with infatuation, though. "Love at first sight" is infatuation. Real love comes with knowing someone and caring for one another over time.
Does this person care for you -- not just with words, but with actions? Does your partner make time for you, consider your plans, encourage your goals? If the answer to these questions is "yes," it must be love. If not, you need to spend time together learning to love one another.
Infatuation is perhaps most troubling when it is one-sided. At best, someone's feelings are going to get hurt.
Another troubling kind of infatuation takes place when one of the parties is married to someone else. Instead of solving the problems in the marriage or in his or her own life, the married partner may decide an extramarital affair looks like the perfect escape.

Often, an infatuation runs its course in six months or less. After that, Mr. Right's cigars smell bad and Ms. Perfect's habit of correcting her partner's pronunciation starts to grate. At this stage, someone who's cast aside an old partner may start to experience remorse and want to try again or someone may turn to online cheating to meet someone new.



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