What Counts as Cheating?

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What counts as cheating?

What Counts as Cheating?

It's impossible to lock your partner away from the world. Humans are social beings and both you and your partner will deal with many other adults in the course of your normal lives. One important step in preventing problems of jealous and anxious feelings is to set ground rules ahead of time.
Some questions you might want to ask one another:
-- What physical actions do the two of you believe are "cheating"? Is a kiss cheating? What about a hug, or hand-holding?
-- How much time is reasonable for the two of you to spend with friends away from your partner?
-- When is it OK to be alone with a friend of the opposite sex?
-- How will you keep in touch when one of you must travel on business?
-- What sorts of Internet activities are OK for your partner? Chat rooms? Dating sites?
Everyone's rules will be different, and there's no one "right" way to run a healthy relationship. For example, Jen and Andy decide that sex outside their relationship is OK, provided they still sleep with one another. Most couples wouldn't agree to that, but it's what they agreed to as equals. If one of them becomes dissatisfied further on, they can renegotiate the rules in consensus.



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