Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

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Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

Sometimes, the knowledge that a spouse is cheating is sudden and obvious -- for instance, discovering the errant couple in mid-tryst. Other times, you may need to look for signs that your partner is including an affair in his or her daily life. Signs of a cheating spouse may include: -- Sudden interest in appearance, including showering more often and going to the gym.
-- Unusual loss of interest in sex OR abrupt revival of sexual desire.
-- Suddenly showering you with gifts (usually motivated by guilt).
-- Picking fights with you (thus giving him or her a reason to storm out of the house and meet a lover).
-- Emotional disturbances such as moodiness, sleep problems, inattention to work or children. -- Money being spent that isn't well accounted for.



10/2/2008 8:50:36 AM
Alex said:

What about excessive time online and an abnormal interest in checking e-mails or secretive IMs on MSN or Yahoo Messenger? Or the sudden purchase of a Webcam, or visits to travel sites such as Expedia or Travelocity?

10/16/2008 2:48:14 PM
Leigh Egan said:


Those are some definite tell tale signs of infidelity, but on the other hang, the excessive time online could also mean numerous things as well.


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