“I Confess” – Two Of The Toughest Words

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“I Confess” – Two Of The Toughest Words

If you find yourself as an unfaithful partner in a relationship, how important is it to hear yourself say, “I confess”. If you want to make the relationship work and end the affair, confession can be good for the soul, but think it through clearly, before you announce it to your partner.

Confessing infidelity could end your relationship. Don't confess to make yourself feel better. You are the one at fault, own up to it within yourself and think it through before speaking. First, you must be prepared for the actions that will follow the confession. Your partner will not be happy and things could get ugly so know exactly what you plan to do to rectify the problem. Let the partner know that you want the relationship to work. Do not blurt out any details of the affair, just stay calm and keep emotions out of it as much as possible.

The timing of the confession is as important as the confession itself. Make sure you have enough time and are alone with your spouse. The children should be out of the house. This is not a time to be impulsive and blurt out your indiscretions in a restaurant.

Face the damage you may have done to the trust of the partnership. Acknowledge how you have hurt your partner and give them time to process the information in their minds and hearts. Have at hand the names and phone numbers of some marital counselors. Marriages and partnerships can get through infidelity with a lot of work and healing.



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