Fairness In Conflict And Fights

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Fairness In Conflict And Fights

Almost every couple experiences conflicts, arguments and even crisis throughout a personal relationship. Emotions run high during financial, family or infidelity issues. Establishing fairness in conflict resolution is important to keep the relationship intact. Couples must find a way to resolve conflict with as much fairness and respect as possible.

The first step to having a ‘fair fight' is to come from a loving place. Stay grounded and remember that once you say something, it cannot be taken back. The purpose of the fight should be to reconcile differences and resolve the conflict. Most fights bring out vulnerability in people. Do not take advantage of that vulnerability even if your buttons are pushed. Establish fighting ground rules early in the relationship. Try to remember that fighting is an alarm to issues that require attention for growth. Don't keep secrets or hidden agendas during a fight. Get it all out on the table, but stay on point. Do not confuse the issue with little things that are ‘nagging' you. Keep the past out of any argument and stay on the present conflict at hand.

If you remember a few of these points during a fight, even the most difficult conflict can be resolved with respect, fairness and love for each other.



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