Cheating, Infidelity And Why It Happens

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Cheating, Infidelity And Why It Happens

Is it important to discover why people cheat in their relationships? Will this actually stop cheating and sustain partnerships? Knowledge and information is power, so the more people realize some of the reasons people cheat on each other, the more they can keep their relationship whole and happy.

Here are some of the reasons people cheat and signs to watch in your relationship:

- One spouse feels like the only thing they are doing is taking care of the kids and home with cooking, cleaning and car-pooling. The partnership aspect of the marriage is gone so they seek emotional satisfaction from others.

- A spouse cheats because the other spouse has stopped listening. Their sentences are cut off in mid-stream or they leave the room while you are talking.

- Spouses emotionally shut themselves down and try to escape with something easy. Cheating and infidelity is not unlike taking drugs. Drugs numb the pain and cheating is an escape mechanism from the real problems of the marriage.

- Sexual problems are one of the biggest reasons spouses cheat. One spouse may not feel the monogamous relationship of marriage is fulfilling. There are many flavors of ice cream in the world and you may not want to eat vanilla for the rest of your life.

For couples to survive cheating, it boils down to finding respect and love for the person you married. Come from that place within yourself and get professional help if necessary. Open up an honest dialogue with your spouse to make the relationship work.



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