Watch The Signs To Catch A Liar

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Watch The Signs To Catch A Liar

It does not necessarily take a liar to know one. There are ways to catch a liar in the act of lying or deception by watching body language and paying attention to personality changes. According to Paul Ekman , “A liar may betray himself through linguistic mistakes, but the main sources of betrayal are the emotions. Emotion reveals itself, sometimes in contradictory ways, in the voice, body and face.” If you are trying to detect infidelity and catch your partner in a lie, see if there are deviations in how your partner is acting around you. For personality traits, if they are usually quite talkative and are now very quiet, this could be a telltale sign of lying or at least hiding something. Is your partner looking you in the eye or do they look away? A general rule of thumb is for a liar to be nervous and may even perspire.



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