Cues For Detecting Deception Or Anxiety

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Cues For Detecting Deception Or Anxiety

You don't have to be a criminal to lie. Detecting deception is the main goal of law enforcement or security firms, but many ordinary people want to know if their partner is being deceptive in their relationship. According to David A. Gershaw, Ph.D. “Even trained observers do not do much better than chance in detecting deception.”

If one of the partners in a relationship fear the other partner is not being faithful in their relationship, loud bells and whistles usually go off in their head. Intuition plays a large part in detecting truth or deception about people. Stories or stated facts do not seem to ring true. Partners aren't where they said they would be or they are acting differently than they usually do. A partner may be evasive when answering questions or they may not look people in the eye. These cues are examples of people being deceptive and isn't hard to pick up on these things.

Caution should be taken when confronting a partner about infidelity, cheating or lying. The subtle clues of deception could also just indicate anxiety and may have nothing to do with infidelity or lying. Try not to accuse your partner of being deceptive before the facts are known.



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