Get Honest With Yourself For A Healthy Relationship

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Get Honest With Yourself For A Healthy Relationship

People evaluate personality characteristics in potential partners before making commitments. This process of evaluation is how relationships grow and blossom. Is the person honest, trustworthy and respectful? Honesty and trust are two things that are required of most partners for a long term committed relationship or marriage.

Honesty isn't just about speaking the truth to your partner. Honesty must begin with self-evaluation and being truly honest with yourself first. People become deceptive when fear enters the picture. Take the fear out of a relationship and trust your instincts regarding your partner. Ask yourself some key questions before committing to a relationship.

- What personality type do you react well with; Type A, laid back, etc.

- What makes you angry or frustrated?

- Are you able to be yourself around your partner? Have they seen you at your worst, sick or angry?

- Do you have realistic expectations about your relationship or are you living in a fantasy world?

- Is it easy to talk to your partner and do you feel a necessity and desire to be honest with them?

- Have you learned from prior relationship mistakes?

Evaluate the answers to these questions and be honest with yourself before making a commitment to someone else.



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