Single Parents Dating Should Set Guidelines For The Kids

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Now that I'm dating again, how can I help my kids accept my new relationship?

Single Parents Dating Should Set Guidelines For The Kids

When it comes to single parents dating, there should be rules and guidelines set out for the kids just as there are in everyday life. Dating parents is another life experience for the family unit and the rules of etiquette and behavior apply. The kids should be well behaved and respectful of the new adult that in the home. Everyone should do the right thing and behave the way they have been taught by their parents. Everyone should know what is expected of him or her, the parents included. Kids have definite opinions about the parents dating and all views must be respected. However, the mother or father is still in charge of their life.

Do not make the mistake of pressuring the child into liking the new friend. Have regular family discussions to keep everyone on the same page. It is ok for the child not to like the new friend, but they must have a sound reason why this is the case. Do not spend more time with the new friend and less time with your children. This can definitely cause problems because the kids could become jealous. If there is a sexual relationship between you and the new person, do not let your children know this. It is none of their business.

If you follow a few guidelines of love and respect, dating as a single parent will be much easier for the entire family.



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