Release Anxious Feelings And Fears

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Can you give me some guidelines for remaining calm when I get anxious about a relationship?

Release Anxious Feelings And Fears

Feeling vulnerable and anxious can bring out a full-fledged panic attack. When it comes to relationships, vulnerability and fear can be a direct result of bad communication. The internal alarm bell sounds when relationships start to go south and couples stop talking. People experience anxiety when they worry about what may happen. Generally, the worst doesn't happen and the worry was for nothing. Follow these guidelines for reducing the fears and releasing anxiety.

- Breathe through the feelings of anxiety and fear of the unknown. Instead of making impulsive statements out of fear, slow down and calm the anxious suspicions. Do not picture the worse case scenario.

- Monitor your physical reactions such as nausea, shortness of breath, chills, dizziness, accelerated heart rate or trembling. These are extreme anxiety problems and can cause more dangerous health issues.

- Look within and ask why you are feeling scared and not safe now. Listen for the answer because you will probably hear one.

- Ask the question: what is this anxious fear supposed to teach me? What good can come from experiencing these feeling of anxiety?



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cool tip thanks.


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