Calming Tips When You Feel Anxious

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What are some good calming techniques to try when I'm upset or anxious in my relationship?

Calming Tips When You Feel Anxious

Anxious feelings and fear of the unknown can cause symptoms in the body that are not healthy. Students feel anxiety before tests, partners feel stress if they fear infidelity, children can cause problems within the family and many anxious nights for parents. It doesn't matter what form anxiety takes, anxious fear can become debilitating and dangerous to your health. Here are some ideas to reduce stress and release anxious feelings.

- Admit anxious feelings and what you believe is causing them. Don't run from the feelings, sit down, breathe and slow yourself down. Take a hot bath or meditate. Use calming aromatherapy oils such as lavender, jasmine or rose to ease anxiety.

- Don't be afraid to say no, allow time for you.

- Open up the lines of communication and start talking honestly with your partner. People feel anxious when they feel the situation is out of their control. If a partner feels like the relationship is slipping through their fingers and they cannot fix it, they panic and feel alone.

- Life changes create fear and anxious feelings. Infidelities, financial problems, childbirth, death, change of jobs and loss of job are just a few reasons that panic attacks show up. Again, breathe through them and meditate or even pray.



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