Overcoming Jealousy Before It's Toxic

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What is jealousy?

Overcoming Jealousy Before It's Toxic

According to the Dictionary, “jealousy is a feeling of jealous envy, one of the strongest passions and a mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry and unfaithfulness.” These descriptions sum up the strong emotions people feel when it comes to relationships. Jealousy can be healthy or toxic so overcoming jealousy is still the goal. Healthy jealousy is somewhat acceptable because we want to be protective even a little possessive of the people we care about. It reminds the partners not to take each other for granted. One partner may feel valued and loved when the other partner is slightly jealous.

Unhealthy, toxic jealousy takes the protective and possessive feeling to the extremes over the top to being inappropriate. Obsession is a good description for this type of envy and partners can develop bad behavior and angry outbursts. Jealousy also known as the “Green Eyed Monster” for a reason will tear a relationship apart if left unchecked. The best way to overcome jealousy is to monitor your own feelings. If you feel anger instead of love, it's time to communicate with your partner and put the relationship back into perspective.



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