Suspicion Is A Red Alert In Relationships

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What are some tell-tale signs that my spouse is cheating?

Suspicion Is A Red Alert In Relationships

According the Dictionary, the definition of suspicion is the slight trace, hint or suggestion, doubt or mistrust of something or someone. Suspicions are aroused in relationships when one of the partners believes the other partner is being unfaithful to them. The actual people are not suspicious, their behavior is. There are distinct signs of suspicious behavior in a relationship.

  • The partner is not at work when they said they would be.
  • The partner comes home with the smell of perfume.
  • Your partner is spending a lot of time on the Internet late at night.
  • Is your spouse treating you differently with uncharacteristic behavior?
  • Are there changes in everyday habits?
  • There may be money that is unaccounted for.
  • The phone may ring and your spouse whispers or hangs up quickly.
  • There may be certain items in the car that you have never seen before such as gloves, jewelry, etc.
Suspicious behavior is not fact that the spouse is cheating on you, but your inner suspicions generally require further investigation to find out the truth, one way or the other.



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