Stop Being Envious Of Your Friend's Relationship

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I'm so envious of my friends in relationships - is this normal?

Stop Being Envious Of Your Friend's Relationship

Are your friends in healthy relationships? Do you envy your friends when you are around them because they have somebody in your life and you don't? Are you envious of your friends because their partner is better looking, smarter, wealthier than yours is? These are tough questions to ask yourself, but if you believe envy and jealousy is creeping into your relationship, try these ideas to improve your feelings about yourself and your partner.

- Be honest with yourself regarding your look and style. Maybe it is time to lose weight, re-style your hair or get your teeth whitened. If you have better self-esteem, you won't be as envious of others. If a physical makeover doesn't seem to be the answer, look within to determine what is lacking. Why do you feel less deserving of a partnership than others do? You deserve a healthy relationship just as much as your friends.

- Look for the best in your partner. It's too easy to focus on the faults. Is your partner kind and respectful? Does he or she support your goals and aspirations? Does your partner look at all of your good points and ignore your faults?

Envy and jealousy can't exist if we don't want what our friends and neighbors seem to have. Keep the focus on yourself, love yourself, go out, and love others so you can experience others loving you.



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