Questions To Determine A Cheating Partner

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What are some immediate questions I should ask myself before confronting a possible cheating partner?

Questions To Determine A Cheating Partner

Every relationship faces challenges at one time or another. You may be suspicious of a cheating partner, but you don't really know for sure until you get some facts. If you are still in the suspicious stage, ask yourself some tough questions about your partner's behavior and attitude towards you and the family.

- Is there emotional distance between you and your partner?

- Is there a difference in the quality of your sex life?

- Has cheating been a pattern in past relationships?

- Has your partner been spending less time with your and the kids?

- Is your partner defensive when asked casual questions?

- Does your partner leave the room to answer or make phone calls?

- Have your friends ever asked you if you had suspicions about whether or not your spouse is cheating?

- Is your spouse interested in new activities that he discourages you from participating with him or her?

- Are you fighting over many little things?

None of these questions alone indicates a cheating spouse, but collectively if you answered yes to many, these are signs of a cheating spouse.



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