Realities Of A Cheating Husband

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I don't want to end our marriage, but I want my husband to remain faithful. What can I do?

Realities Of A Cheating Husband

If you are married to a cheating husband, your relationship may or may not be over. If you want to try to save the marriage, there are certain approaches you can use to talk to your husband about the infidelity. Before you approach your husband, be honest with yourself and know if you can or cannot forgive his infidelity. If other parts of your marriage are good and you have children, it is a good idea to do everything you can to save the marriage.

- Many husbands do not want to end a marriage. They are cheating because they are bored and want excitement with a mistress. If the reasons behind the cheating are sexual, mix things up in the bedroom and allow some experimentation.

- Many husbands cheat because they feel like they need an escape from reality. At home, they have financial, family and real life pressures. Sometimes this is too much for men and they need to look elsewhere for support. Men cheat because the other woman makes them feel like they are special. This escape from reality is not unlike taking drugs or alcohol to escape from feeling pain of everyday life.

If these reasons sound like excuses for a cheating spouse, maybe they are. That does not make the reasons any less real. There are always red flags in relationships if they start getting in trouble. Be an active participant in your marriage and the chances of you being married to a cheating husband are reduced.



4/20/2015 12:01:22 PM
Sally Jones said:

Your comments are surprising. There is no standard for loyalty. There is no sense of faithfulness, fidelity or honoring vows encouraged. If this is meant to help people, we are in trouble if this is the standard. Lame - completely lame.


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