Cheating On Your Spouse In Your Dreams

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Cheating On Your Spouse In Your Dreams

Is it ever ok to cheat on your spouse? That depends, if you are cheating on your spouse in your dreams and not physically pursuing an affair, it is usually considered ok by society. Cheating and being unfaithful in dreams happens to millions of people every night. How many of you have dreamt about being with a famous movie star? However, if the dream is quite graphic and you are dreaming about the neighbor next door, it would be a good idea to take a moment and examine your true feelings for that person. How many times a week do you have this dream? Are you fantasizing on a daily basis about someone you know? These are signs that your relationship may not be as close as it should be. Straying thoughts do not automatically mean you will cheat on your spouse. However, the intensity of those thoughts can lead to infidelity.



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