Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

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Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

Good men cheat on their wives. Cheating doesn't necessarily mean all men are dogs, it could mean that they are imperfect as partners. Some men cheat because they are impulsive and a sexual opportunity may be too good to pass up. They believe no one will find out and what's the harm? Infidelity isn't always about the wife. Men need to feel like they are strong and needed. Wives have the kids, bills and realities of life waiting for the husband when they get home. If there has been a pattern of infidelity before the couple got married, the wife may not trust the husband from the beginning. This lack of trust may cause the husband to cheat anyway. Marriages generally do not survive a lack of trust so the dangerous cycle of infidelity starts from the very beginning.

Some husbands are sexually bored and feel like they left bachelorhood too quickly. What does a little change of pace hurt? Men do not think through the repercussions of infidelity and begin with a little ‘harmless' flirtation. Flirting is usually not harmless and should be considered one of the first signs that cheating and infidelity will soon follow. If men were less impulsive and more respectful of their wives, there would be less infidelity in marriages.



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