The Virtual Affair

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The Virtual Affair

When you have ongoing contact with someone through the Internet, this is a virtual affair. This contact may seem like harmless flirting online, but it’s not harmless. The dangers of virtual contacts range from pedophilia, identity theft, spamming and pornography. Doesn™t look harmless now does it?

Virtual affairs are fantasies with a storyline. These affairs have two authors to the story with any conceivable outcome. Online, you can portray yourself as any character – the most obvious in an affair is single instead of married. You receive a lot of attention through this affair and it is exciting to you. If everything about this contact is harmless, are you comfortable telling your spouse about it? If the answer is no, you are definitely having an affair online. The emotional intimacy that builds through online contact is supposed to be reserved for your partner. If you believe this contact must be kept secret, it’s time to evaluate your marriage and relationship and seek counseling or talk to your spouse openly.



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