Signs Of Online Betrayal

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Signs Of Online Betrayal

Betrayal and infidelity is devastating to a relationship. Just the thought of your spouse having an affair in a motel room or apartment is horrible. Have you considered that an affair could be happening in your own home every night? Online betrayal and infidelity is occurring in homes throughout the country. Spouses are logging on to chat rooms and pornographic sites at an alarming rate. If there are problems in the marriage, spouses drift to the Internet for someone to talk to. They look for an escape from the problems of reality and the Internet is the quickest way. They believe it is harmless to talk to someone if they never meet.

If you believe this is happening to you, get smart about the Internet. Become familiar with the language through a chat symbol dictionary. Start understanding the email system. Learn how to trace them, recover deleted emails and how anonymous emails are sent. Watch for signs such as a frantic mouse click when you enter the room. Your spouse suddenly wants a digital camera or scanner or they purchase a pager. Your spouse is online when you are sleeping. You can perform some cyber sleuthing to find the truth and save your marriage.



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