I'm attracted to someone else

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Can I be attracted to someone other than my partner?

I'm attracted to someone else

Hey, if you *weren't* attracted to other people I'd be worried. It's not love if you feel like this is the only person on the planet, and that nobody else would do. That's an obsession. Love is accepting this person as the one you want to be with, even *though* there are many, many other possibilities out there. There is not only one male and female in the world. There are millions. Love is about saying to a person, "even though there are many others out there, some smarter, some stronger, some faster, some more musical, YOU are the one I choose to be with because your unique qualities are what I seek".

Meeting other people in the world that you are attracted to shows you're still alive and capable of relationships. Keeping them just as friends without becoming a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend, and coming home to your partner every night shows that you still love him (or her) best of all.



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