Resolve Relationship Conflicts Using Feng Shui

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Resolve Relationship Conflicts Using Feng Shui

Relationship conflicts are inevitable in any type of personal partnership. It is fun and easy to use Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, to resolve issues before they escalate into something more destructive. Here are some tips to enhancing your relationship using the techniques of Feng Shui:

  • The best place to start is the bedroom. Are you still sleeping on a mattress or bedding that was used with another partner? Eliminate these items from past relationships and purchase something new for your current partner.
  • The colors of pink and green for bedding or decorating open the heart and enhance communication.
  • The headboard of the bed should be tall and sturdy. This alleviates any feelings of lack of support for each other.
  • There must be at least two nightstands, pillows and lamps as this supports the feeling of equality in the relationship.
  • Place a happy photo of you and your partner prominently in the bedroom.
  • Throw away old love letters, dried floral arrangements or memorabilia from past partners. There is not a good reason to keep this old energy of the past relationship.
  • If a spouse has passed away, give personal items to the children for safekeeping.
  • Do keep a journal to document your partnership and see how it is growing. Refer to it often and communicate openly with each other before conflicts escalate.
Create a feeling of warmth and relaxation in the home through these Feng Shui principles and conflicts in relationships may just fade away.



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