Compulsive Lying Stems From Fear

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Compulsive Lying Stems From Fear

Infidelity is usually kept secret from partners. Many people will go out of their way to keep the partner from finding out about an affair so a habit of lying occurs in the relationship. Habitual lying is also compulsive lying. It is easier for most people to lie concerning the who, what, where and when instead of facing the music with the truth.

Fear causes people to lie. In the case of infidelity, they are afraid of losing the relationship or of judgment by their peers. The offending partner lies to the spouse, children, boss and friends. They are afraid to stop lying because they generally will feel bad when the truth comes out. Generally, one lie turns into many and the habit begins.

Since lying compulsively is a habit, breaking this habit is possible through hypnosis. This is not unlike hypnotherapy to stop smoking or gambling. If there is no therapist in your area, self-hypnosis techniques require several sessions and can achieve lasting results. However, if the lying is a result of infidelity, it will not stop unless the partner ends the affair. If there is no affair, the reason behind the lying has ended too.



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