Stop Jealousy In It's Tracks

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How can I stop myself from being jealous of my partner?

Stop Jealousy In It's Tracks

Jealousy and envy will destroy a relationship. Bad behavior, infidelity and lies can lead to one partner feeling betrayed and the other partner feeling empty and guilty. There are things you can do to stop infidelity and prevent jealous feelings from happening in the beginning.

- Establish guidelines at the beginning of the relationship. Both partners should know the types of behavior that is acceptable and unacceptable.

- Are you jealous or envious because someone cheated on you in the past? If so, don't bring past baggage into the present relationship. If there are no grounds for jealousy, visit a counselor.

- Stay in the present and with reality. Don't focus on your suspicions, get to the root of the problem and the facts.

- Communicate your feelings openly and honestly with your partner. Get everything out on the table.

- Ask an objective friend if you are behaving irrationally. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees and the situation is not as it seems. Our good friends will be honest with us.

Jealousy can come from a lack of self-esteem. Do you believe your partner is attracted to other people because he or she could not possibly be attracted to you anymore? When you feel better about yourself, problems with jealousy could resolve itself.



11/8/2007 11:32:09 AM
dreik said:

i think it gets too far when they syart to watch you and follow you around and when they do not wont anybody close to you or they wii get mad that shoudnt happen jeolousy would destroy anything when you are not doing nothing wrong its just suspicions.

9/9/2008 6:52:33 PM
Ashley said:

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 1/2 years now. I have been in previous relationships where I have been cheated on and left for someone else. Jealousy and enviness has been the hardest thing to overcome in my relationship mostly because I am just terrified that he will just be another heartbreaker.
I've never actually been in love with anyone until I met him but I'm so afraid and I don't know how to get over myself and my jealousy.
I need help.
Real bad.


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