The Downside Of Online Affairs

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The Downside Of Online Affairs

Most people do not intend to have online affairs when they first go into a chat room. They go online with thoughts of anonymity and a no harm – no foul mentality. Nobody will know who you are, right? You just need somebody to talk to, right? Your wife doesn’t understand you, right? If you are saying these things to yourself, stop and think about the repercussions of having an affair online.

The virtual affair becomes quite real quickly and things don't remain so anonymous. If you are saying things to someone that you can't say to your husband or wife, you are on your way to emotional cheating. Once you are emotionally cheating, you will feel the need to meet this person and physically cheat on your spouse. Having an affair online is just as destructive to a marriage as one with your neighbor or co-worker.



3/27/2008 1:53:08 PM
Anne said:

I compleatly agree! cheating online is probably worse than in RL, because you will cheat with more people than in RL, for several reasons -
a) being anonumous
b) believe it is not really cheating
c) you can go further because it takes longer time before you discover, that the person in the 'other' end might not be something for you
d) The looks doesn't matter at all
e) you can leave (you think) within a second


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