Signs Of Online Infidelity

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Signs Of Online Infidelity

Infidelity means different things to different people. Perhaps one spouse believes infidelity means physical infidelity. Another person believes online infidelity is just as serious as the physical kind. When couples have online affairs or flirt online, they are telling secrets to someone else. They share an intimacy that is reserved for their spouse. Is online infidelity harmless? It is easier for some to log on and find excitement than it is to face the problems of the marriage. Online and virtual affairs are addictive and not unlike drugs, alcohol or gambling. The divorce rate suggests that flirting online is more than just harmless fun. Having an affair is far more than a sexual act.



9/27/2008 3:04:17 PM
Steve said:

Being that i am a recipient of an online afair my wife was having..... I can say that the damage to my heart was just as deep as if she had been sleeping with the person. And having an onlie afair is easier and more convienant, because the person doesnt have to leave the comfort of thier home . Its all at the tip of ones fingers.
But the really hurtful part is all the deception, lying that goes on . And acting that takes place.
Infidelity to me means intentionally engaging acting out, talking about , writing out to another individual to get to know them in ways that are reserved only for your spouse IE: sex, Cybersex, secrets, untold things.
Anything that you should be telling and sharing with the one you love .
The words they both shared are burned intomy memory banks and his voice is recorded in my brain , talking to my wife the way i talked to my wife.
We are trying to make a go of it but i am havin a hard time forgiving her. I guess if i had done what she has i wouldve been booted out by know and she would have every right to do sooo in my books !!

2/14/2009 8:23:27 PM
Lorrinda said:

iv'e been through the same thing....its hurt's like crazy when i found there on line stuff and they started phoneing each other and it happened to be his x hurts to see there messages saying they love each other and how they wanted to be with each other but both of them had hurt like crazy and still hurting like crazy .......but we are together and working it all out....and hope for the come out of this relationship...after all of this gonna be awile for me to trust him again ...and hope i will get over this soon...and yes if it would be the other way around....i most likely would of gotbooted out of his heart ....

8/18/2009 5:52:17 AM
??????????? said:

Yes,the same thing happened to me.....It hurts real bad,i have had this ongoing ache in my heart for the last 12 months.The hurt just doesnt seem to go away...Had councelling,which helped at the time...It is so hard to rebuild the trust

7/4/2011 8:07:46 AM
Kp said:

I went thru the same junk. It had been going on for years behind my back. There were multiple online flings that she was having and I had no clue. It wasn't until I notced the amount of time she was spending online that I began to suspect anything at all. Hour after hour, day and night. After a few simple to install pc programs, I saw what was going on, the love chats, the IM's with pic swaps and webcam sexcapaides. After confronting her with this and giving her the choice of " them or me" , she chose them.And after doing so her online became real time. I wonder now is she doing the same to him or are they really faithful at all to each other.


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