Healing from Dishonesty

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How do we heal from a dishonest situation?

Healing from Dishonesty

Your partner has cheated on your, or revealed some other form of dishonesty. You decide you want to try to make the relationship work. How do you rebuild the trust?

Your partner has to realize that he/she has created a huge breach of trust, and that it is up to him/her to help repair it. He/she should work to not put you into situations where your trust is tested, and to be, if anything, over-communicative.

On your side, it will be very difficult to work through the feelings of anger and disappointment, no matter how much you wish for things to work. Accept that it will be difficult, and that it will take time. If you are both enthusiastic about making the relationship work, it will be able to heal and come through strong.



7/31/2006 11:09:23 PM
Jesse said:

If your partner is dishonest, leave for crying out loud, no one should ever put up with dishonesty in a relationship. A relationship is sacred ground and you should never feel unsafe.

9/15/2011 11:57:02 PM
Kim said:

I will admit, I lied to my boyfriend about stupid things in the begininng of our relationship just to impress him. It was really stupid of me to do that. The truth later came out and now we are no longer together. This was the biggest mistake that I have made and I truly regret ever doing that. I love him with all of my heart still and I hope that one day he will find the courage to fogive me.


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